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The rake includes a rake body, a handle head and a handle, and the main point is that the handle head is a circular tube, the center of the circular tube is located on the symmetrical center line of the rake body, and the joint part where the lower end is fixed to the rake body is annular. The force exerted by the handle on the rake body is evenly dispersed through the symmetrical center line of the rake body, which is smooth in operation, easy to use, and has good continuous strength and is not easy to be damaged; , Easy to disassemble, good connection strength, and the handle can be changed from traditional wooden sticks to light metal sticks.

A rake refers to a ground preparation tool that uses spikes as its working parts. The nail teeth are fixed on the rake frame. Due to the wedging and impacting effect of the nail teeth on the soil, the ability to break the soil and level the soil is good, and it can remove young weeds, which is suitable for use in softer soil.

The tooth harrow is mainly used to further loosen the soil after ploughing, level the lawn bed, and prepare good conditions for spraying grass seeds. Tooth rakes are generally divided into two categories: spike rakes and spring tines.

(1) Spike rake

The type and general structure of the rake. There are many types of spike rakes, which can be divided into fixed spike rakes, adjustable spike rakes, and mesh spike rakes according to their structural characteristics.

a. Fixed tine rake. The fixed nail-tooth harrow is composed of nail teeth, rake frame, traction mechanism (or suspension mechanism), etc. The nail teeth are fixed on the tooth bar of the rake frame, and their relative position remains unchanged, and the depth of the rake into the soil depends on the quality of the rake. According to the nature of the nail teeth to adapt to the soil and the size of the rake depth, it is divided into three types: light, medium and heavy.

The longitudinal bar of the spike-tooth rake is in a "Z" shape, and the spikes are arranged at the intersection of the longitudinal bar and the horizontal bar. Combine 3 to 4 longitudinal bars in a "Z" shape with 3 to 5 horizontal bars as a section, and then use a rigid traction frame to connect several sections. Because each section can swing independently, the spiked rake can well adapt to uneven terrain, and the work is relatively stable.

b. Adjustable spiked rake. It is composed of nail teeth, rake frame, nail angle adjustment mechanism and suspension frame (or traction frame). Usually, 5 to 7 nail teeth are installed on the beam with a length of 1.2 to 1.5m, and the 5 beams are connected to form a rack to form a frame, that is, a rake. The number of nails in each rake group is 25 to 35, and then 2 to 4 groups of rake groups are connected by hanging frame (or traction frame). In the transport state, the left and right harrow groups can be folded, and the inclination angle of the nail teeth can be adjusted by the tooth angle lever.

c. Mesh type tine rake. It features a flexible rake frame that adapts to uneven terrain like a mesh to enhance leveling performance and ensure consistent rake depth.

(2) Spring tooth rake

The spring tooth rake is generally composed of spring teeth, rake frame, slide plate, rake tooth lifting mechanism and traction frame or suspension frame.

Spring tines are made of spring steel that has been forged or rolled and oil quenched and tempered. The spring teeth are fixed on 2 to 4 beams by steel clips, 3 to 4 beams and longitudinal beams are combined into a section, and then 2 to 3 sections are connected for use.

The spring tine rake penetrates much deeper into the soil than the spiked tine harrow. Due to its elastic action and the "bendability" of the teeth, the tine harrow is suitable for work on uneven or rocky ground, it can effectively loosen the soil and bring the clod to the ground for easy crushing, and it is also suitable for lawn cultivating operations.

For gardening, a suitable rack is essential, and there are many different kinds of racks such as lawn rakes, leaf rakes, adjustable rakes, bush harrow, level rakes, bow rakes, thatching rakes and so on. Also, you may need a garden kneeler and garden kneeler seat for gardening.

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