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So, the smar twatch supports all types of fitness regimes, no matter what workout you choose to perform, or how much you sweat. Portability With the Oshen Watch, you have the advantage that you do not have to hold your smartphone in your hand all the time. This is very practical especially when you are jogging or other sports activities. You prevent your expensive smartphone from falling out of your pocket during sports. According to the manufacturer, you can use your Fitness Tracker to send messages via WhatsApp or SMS at any time. You can also use your device to make phone calls or take pictures. Such a Smar twatch is especially useful if you are on the road a lot, as it saves you the stress of having to carry your phone everywhere. Your Overall Health Buddy According to the manufacturer, the device is perfectly suited to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. With a pedometer, you always have a good .





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