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Mill Creek Keto Incorporate just a few changes into your life, adding in more healthy fats, protecting your sleep, moving throughout the day and socialising—and you'll quickly find that you have more energy, vitality and health. Try intermittent fasting or at least a 12 hour fasting period and avoid eating 3 hours before bed…you may find that you sleep better and lose weight even if eating the same number of calories. For breakfast our modern human tends to eat some form of processed carbohydrate—‘heart healthy' cereal, muesli, gluten rich toast, spread with degraded vegetable fat spread, with a glass of fructose laden orange juice—literally mainlining sugar and degraded fats. The heart is a very vital part of the body and thus should be well taken care of. This is the part of the body that pumps blood all over the entire body, and thus it pumps life into our bodies. It is therefore advised that you hit the gym and do some good number of exercises but at the same time be aware of what you intake into your body. If you already have health issues or questions, you should speak to your doctor before changing your diet radically or starting a new nutritional supplement routine.

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